Island of Korcula in Croatia
Otok KorculaThe Island of Korcula (276 square km, 16.500 inhabitants) is one of the most beautiful islands at the Adriatic sea.Because of it pine forests, the old Greeks used to call the island Korkyra Melaina “The black Island “. The island Korcula, as the whole area of south Dalmatia are characterized by a very favorable climate.This area is one of the sunniest parts of the central and northern Mediterranean, characterized by an extremely bright sky with about 2701 sunny hours per year, and a high daily average of 7,35 sunny hours per day. In summer, it rises even to an average of 11, 3 hours.On the Island Korcula the temperature very occasionally drops below 0 C degrees. On the other hand, more than hundred days have a temperature of more than 25 C degrees and more then fifty days above 30 C degrees.This favorable climate and the flow of warm sea currents have an influence on the high temperature of the sea, with summer average of 22,6 C degrees, that is, an average yearly approximate of 17,5 C degrees.On the southern coast of the Island Korcula is situated a small and picturesque place Prizba.
South Coast - Riviera Prizba
Panorama PrizbePrizba - Riviera of an extraordinary beauty, a place where fairy nature settled and remained forever. Islands spread like pearls all over the blue sea carpet with centennial pine-forest almost rising from sea bordered by white stone witnessing myth of Aphrodite who, according to legend, was born from meerschaum. Prizba is hogging you by its hospitality, inviting you to its beauty.
Panorama PrizbeLeaving Blato towards the south part of the island , passing about 5 km your eyes will be captured by Grscica, beautiful, calm and safe port. Like a nest Grscica offers you restful in numerous apartments in private accommodation or a camp. You can enjoy fresh food in a restaurant or you can go fishing with experienced fishers. If you prefer a holiday; there is a diving school that will take you to explore mystical sea depths.
GrscicaJust 500 m from Grscica turning the curve, you have to be prepared to see the most beautiful view you can imagine. Prizba is opening itself to you and you’ll feel the magic of the moment you’ll become a part of it; you’ll become united with immemorial nature. All along your way, you can choose among first category private accommodation with far hospitality, a bungalow settlement or a camp.
FoodMix01FishAlso there are several restaurants where you will be treated like an old friend, professionally and offered with excellent food and wines. For your daily needs there are mini markets, post office, rent a boat, rent a bike, rent a scooter, etc…
Sea HouseTerrace ViewIn the middle of the bay is situated the house of Family Krupic.The house is directly at the sea and if you have a small yacht or boat, you will have a buoy with a mooring chain.
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